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December 20, 2009

Preparing Key to Open

Preparing Key to Open

-(Guiding Notes)-

This is a question for teachers and educators, after conducting all activity- games, experiments: is the atmosphere getting colder then?

Yes, even if we play a fantastic game we still have to do some REFLECTIONS for the activity. The purpose for each activity reached if participants understand that it has relation with some of environmental issues.

To help participants understand, sometime we have to ask some questions. It a kind of method to open participants mind. With this KEY QUESTIONS, we can unlock the door and make their opinions and knowledge walking out freely.

Key questions can be asked with the help from: WHY, WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHOM, HOW (5W, 1H). It's a simple journalist method to get more complete information, and in this case: to open a discussion.

It is a very important thing to make a good key question and relate it with the topic you want to open.

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