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December 17, 2009

Measure Pollution with Plate

Measure Pollution with Plate
-(Nature Experiment)-

Hello again... Two months ago I found a book, written by David Suzuki and it talk about environment education. I buy this book with discount (an old book, 90') but this is a good book for sure, and I'm very happy to found this treasure...

This is about how to measure pollution in your place. It will work in your classroom, in the forest, in your backyard, everywhere...

Plate, vaseline / oil / jelly

The idea is very simple. Bring children to a polluted place (like near a busy road - in front of your school). Place a plate, but before you do that, you can coat the plate surface by vaseline / oil / jelly).

Then we can wait for a moment. You can decide how long you will wait (an hours, half day or one day?). You can check the plate later and found that many things stick with to the plate (dust, feather, pollen, leaves, etc).

Place another plate in a cleaner atmosphere environment. Do same steps to get result to compare.


- Is there any differences between places for pollution? Do you find same pollutant?
- The quality and quantity for each pollutant
- Relate it with forest / garden function as air filter
- Ask them, from where the pollutant come from?

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  1. Very simple and easy ... but I never think about it before . Thank you very much...

  2. wow... nice idea... thanks for the idea... =D



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