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December 21, 2009

Seed Thrower

Seed Thrower
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I wonder, if this activity can be applied to chidren.

There's a story about an old man that use his handmade catapult to throw seed deep into the forest / canyon. I watched the documenter in DAAI TV, a local TV station in Indonesia.

He use a wooden catapult, and many seeds (from different species, such as jackfruit, rambutan, durian, rubber seeds, etc), and throw it with pray, hoping that it will grow safely into a tree.

I wonder, can we also do same activity with the children? If a wooden catapult is not easy to make, then we can use a 2 rubber and a plastic from a candy. Look at my example.

Then we can collect some seeds after eat fruits (rambutan, duku, water melon, jackfruit,...) and then take a walk together near a garden or river bank (that generally need to be planted).

You can do sport, art, biology and environment at once. How fun it is ^_^ !

Notes: when the journalist ask the man about his hobby, he just said "I did it for fun and I hope it will greener this forest someday. I hope..., at least I try..."

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