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January 28, 2011

Global Warming and Climate Change Wave

Global Warming and Climate Change Wave
-(Nature Game, More ESD Activities)-

Needs: more than 8 people, paper sign to show participants role

1. At the beginning of the game, the facilitator asked the participants:
- What do they know about global warming.
- What are the characteristics of global warming.
- Local phenomenon around them that indicate the occurrence of global warming and climate change.

2. 8 people the role of the participants were divided into:
- (Expansion of) Factory / Industrial
- Forests / Plants (degradation)
- Carbon in the air
- Temperature
- Ice in the polar
- Mainland
- Animals and plants
- Mankind
If the number of participants exceeds 8 role, then two or three participants may play same role. For example 2 people can play the role of "industry" or 2 people can play a role "in the polar ice". You may do other variation too.

3. Participants were given an explanation about the natural balance of the system, what is happening today in the world, namely in the event of increase in the amount of greenhouse gases in the air:

The number of factories and industrial expansion led to reduction in forest area on earth (relate it with land use or enery resources), also resulted in reduction in the number of animals and plants that inhabit the forest. If the forest is gone, while the industry still pollute the air, so the result is high concentration of carbondioxide in the air.

Increasing the amount of carbon in the air causes the air in the earth is getting hotter (if the participant had not understood, then the facilitator can provide the parable about the heat in the car that bronzed sun; carbon gases which can be described as heat-trapping gases in the earth) and cause the melting of ice (in the pole), and sea water expand (because of heat - remember that objects expand when heated - including water).

Rising water temperatures and rising sea levels caused the sinking of small islands, off the coral reefs, and cause the death of the fish, animal or immigration. Many animals and plants die from this cause.
In the end, this loss will also be experienced by mankind, in connection reduced food sources, crop failure, natural disasters (drought, heavy rain - caused drastic changes in season, etc.).

4. The facilitator collects the participants in the form of the line sideways. They old hand together (see picture for example). Increasing is symbolized by raising the position of the hand, and declining is symbolized by lowering the position of the hand.

5. Each participant acted as their respective roles. Example, when A (acting as the expansion of the industry) raises his hand, then one hand is holding onto B with A (acting as forests) will go up. One hand B is holding hands with C (carbon in the air) will go down, while one hand is holding hands with C D (warming of the earth) will rise, and so on ...

This illustrates increasing of some roles will influence other roles.

6. Simulate this game. The facilitator will serve as a starter. The trick is to raise or lower the hands of a particular role (as a good start, start from the role of "industrial expansion" for all participants to catch the message).

7. Then play the game. The facilitator can help to explain or explore the opinions of the participants who were carrying out its role. Ask some key questions:
- Why did they raise or lower the arm?
- In addition to increase participants awareness , ask participants to tell other cause / effect from his role. For example, when Budi (carbon in the air) raised his hand, ask - about how if participants live in a place of high air pollution? ; Or other questions: do you also feel that it happened in your place? How it can be like that? You may do some variation for your question.

8. If all participant understand clearly about first step, the facilitator can connect the initial role (industrial expansion) with the role of the end (mankind). Explain that in extreme situations, the human race can be reduced in number due to a major disaster, which then would affect the industrial expansion (decline).

9. Give good feedback that development needs to consider the effects of development on the environment. Development needs to consider the sustainability of life itself.

10. Ask their opinion, what businesses can do to reduce or prevent global warming that has occurred at this time.


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