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September 8, 2011

Self Portraits

Self Portraits
-(Ice Breaker, Encourage Children)-

Facilitating process: an ice breaker is needed
This is an introduction game that I've already used with several modification. You can choose or modified this game by yourself, to fit your activity.

- To introduce participants with each other
- To create a better, relaxing atmosphere among participants

Paper and pen (crayon or colour pencil, spidol are better). A thing to be thrown (example: ball).

Step by Step
- Ask participants to draw a self portrait on a piece of paper. They can choose whatever they like: abstract, cartoon, artistic, symbol, etc.
- Ask them to write 3 stepping stones  (important events) that lead them to this workshop.
- If there is time, participants can introduce themselves (with name, acticity, school, favorite food, musician, etc) and tell everybody about their stepping stones. After one participants introduce her/himself, they must choose random participants to continue the activity by throw something like ball.  It will be interesting to know each other randomly, and everybody will get their tense.
- If you have no time, just collect portraits and display it on the wall.

- If those in the group already know each other, you can give order not to write their names on portraits (portraits must contain special characters from each participants). Then display it on the wall. Every participants then writing down their guesses on a sheet, which is then scored).
-  Every participant also write down 3 negative and positive characters about themselves. Then they also describe their characters.


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