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August 16, 2011

Puzzle and History Card

Puzzle and History Card
-(Language Game, More ESD Activities, Improve Listening and Observation)-

This is a simple game that can be used to tell about history (village, town, people history, etc). As an alternative, this method can also be use to learn English or local language. A group of participant, or single participant can play this game in approximately 5 to 20 minutes (it depends with difficulty level)

Participants are invited to understand more deeply about history and how history may affects the current conditions in the area

Time allocation: approximately 5-20 minutes
Tools and materials: some history cards (with picture and naration)

Step by Step:

  • Write a history, divide it into 10-20 paragraph and put each paragraph in one card. You also can draw pictures in the card to make it cool. All of these cards, we call it "Puzzle and History Card Package".
  • Facilitator gives participants a card package which has been scrambled.
  • Facilitator tells participants to work together to arrange the pieces of card over the past five minutes into right sequence.
  • After five minutes the facilitator asks participants to present their cards (to tell story based on card sequence). Facilitator may asks their opinion.
  • After they expressed opinion, facilitator set the cards into right sequence, and re-tell the whole story again.
Facilitation Tips:
  • Make story and translate it into 3 different language (example, I divide it into Indonesian, English and Sundanese (Indonesian local language) in one package of card. So participants will need more time to ask somebody (friend) who fluent in other language - and because of that they will learn other language or culture from different people.
  •  Facilitators are expected not only re-read cards, but add the story outside the story cards so that participants get more informations.
  • Don't forget to remember correct sequence before scramble the cards :) 
To see puzzle and history cards example, you can download  here


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