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December 14, 2009

Follow the King

Follow the King
-(Laugh and Wisdom Story for Educators)-

When they show the "Messiah" composed by Handel for the first time in London, the king was there. He became fulfill with the religious feeling when the choir sing Alleluia ref, so out of nowhere he stood quietly to show respect for the masterpiece he was hearing.

When see this, the nobles who attend the show follow the king and took a stand also. Those become a sign for all the attendances to take a stand also.

Since that time, they feel it is a must to take a stand when Alleluia is being sung, with no care for the spiritual feeling inside people who hear it; or the quality of the melody…

(Story translated freely from "Doa Sang Katak" by Anthony de Mello).

Writer notes: there are people who search knowledge by experiencing : by travelling far, do long research, and by do many mistake. It make the knowledge stick with them, while others don't.

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