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December 11, 2009

Answer and Grouping

Answer and Grouping
-(Nature Game, Facilitation Technique, Ice Breaker, Grouping, More ESD Activities)-

This is a game that we can use again and again, with only small modification- as an introduction games, ice breaker or energizing game, I prefer to modify, relate it with environment issues. But sure, you can also modify it into mathematic, biology, social science, language game, etc.

Pencils, papers, questions

Give papers and pencils to participants. The idea is simple: we give
questions (multiple choices are better). The children answer it by
writing answer in paper, and then in count 3 they must find a group
who write same answer with them (by moving,asking).

Purpose - to know each other / environment issues. Questions (sample):
- Which one is your favorite pet: dog, cat, turtle, fish, bird,
- Which one is your favorite recreation place: beach, mountain,
forest, garden, lake-river, sea?
- Which one is your favorite social-environment friendly actor / artist: John Lennon, U2, Anggun, Leonardo Di Caprio, Sting, Elizabeth Taylor?

Purpose - to test environment / biology knowledge. Questions (sample):
- Which one doing photosynthesis: zooplankton, phytoplankton, mushroom, fungi, bacteria, and virus?

Purpose - to test language knowledge. Questions (sample):
- What Sundanese (traditional) language is having same meaning with "sit”: diuk, ulin, sare, lumpat?

And more...

- Remember, for competition game, add some modification like squat / squat-walking for group who give false answer - until another question offered.
- Don’t forget to tell them to shake hand every time they do grouping,
with other group member. It will cheer the atmosphere.
- Remember, this is only an opening game. Prepare a discussion related with the topic you play.

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