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December 5, 2009

Fish Oil and the Dog

Fish Oil and the Dog
-(Laugh and Wisdom Story for Educators)-

Somebody start to give fish oil in large dose for his Doberman dog, because he heard that it's very useful for the dog. Every day he struggle his dog with his arm and feet, clamp its head, force to open its mouth and force a spoon, full with fish oil into its throat.

One day, the dog is getting free and fish oil was spoiling everywhere in the floor. The man is so amaze, because the dog is then come and lick the fish oil spoon. That time he realized that it was not the oil that the dog rejected, but the way he gave it.

(Story translated freely from "Doa Sang Katak" by Anthony de Mello)

Writer notes: don't you think it also happened in our backyard :( ?

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