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December 7, 2009

Exchange Gift from Nature

Exchange Gift from Nature
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This idea came when my organization, RMI try to exchange post card between children from Sumatra, Java and some other islands in Indonesia, as part of program campaign in water and environment issues.

The results are amazing. Hundreds of postcards tell different stories from different kids regarding their opinion, hope and worry. They exchange information from polluted river, illegal logging, to water exploitation by private company, and more.

Well, I have more ideas too...

In RMI postcard exchange program, we used NGOs, teachers, and private network. Basically, it won't be difficult too for these ideas.

Let we try to find some interesting object near our environment. It can be a bird feather, a rock, piece of wood, some sands, a leaf, sketches or drawing or other thing that interesting for different kids.

Yes, every kid must choose their own thing. Then they will write a note to tell their "invisible" friend why they think that thing is interesting for them (you can encourage them to see cultural, economic, environment, biology, art aspect from the thing; help them ^^ expand their imagination and knowledge).

Then help them to pack the thing (with the note). We can use envelope /simple box/ etc for packing.

And then we can start exchange all the things with children from other school. After you get same kind of stuff from kids (from another school) we can open it together and learn about many things.

My suggestions are:
- Use internet and find other teachers that like to join the exchange activity (well, exchange stuff with people from different place is interesting don't you think?).
- Or just do it when you have a meeting with your colleagues. Don't think too complicated, even your neighbors can help you. Sample quantity doesn't matter. How you describe and encourage children to know better is matter.
- Notes are important. While you help children to observe their environment, you also help them to increase their knowledge and write better!

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