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December 3, 2009

Animal in the Backyard

Animal in the Backyard
-(Nature Game)-

This is a simple game in my mind when I think about garden, a small forest near my house, or a pond near the bridge. What we need is just a simple place to learn. Even we can use our classroom to do this game. Although it is simple and designed for children, we still can do some modification for older age.

- A small group of children

First, they have to mimic a grasshoper (or other small animals). The main idea of this game is to do some observation in different kind point of view (from small animal point of view). So the participant must act as a grasshoper, they must crawl or in sleep position so their eyes is in the same altitude with the grass or the bush

Let or help the children to find their own spot. Then tell the children to observe with the postion we agreed before.

Ask them this question, and let them answer (as a grasshoper):
- Can you find any food there? Is it many? Which one is your food?
- Can you find any shelter there? Which one is that?
- Do you see any potential predator there? Who is it?
- Is that place is suitable for living? Why?
- Is there any other threaten for you in that place? Mention it...
- Another questions that relevant to describe habitat.

Then in count of 3, let the children pick new spot (with jumping, like a grasshoper). Then repeat the questions again.

If you feel that this game need some modification, try round number 3 or 5 with mimic different kind of animal (frog, chicken, turtle,...).

For older age, you can make some question for reflection:
- After they doin this, how is their feeling?
- What is their opinion regarding biodiversity?
- Why this place is good / bad for the animals?
- How human activity give impact to animal life?
- ...

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