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December 7, 2009

Before Christmas Notes

Before Christmas Notes
-(Personal Notes)-

It's already December. It's rainy now in Indonesia and we will celebrate Christmas 2 weeks from now. I start to feel warm atmosphere around me ; the music start to play X-mas song everywhere.

This is my first personal notes after 8 months blogging for these environmental education modules. It does grow older and I still hope it can help many teachers, educators, facilitators to increase their ability and knowledge for environment education.

Well, yes. First time I thought it will become an environment blog only, but in the way I feel that it also become a blog for educators. I feel it's important to include more color, wider spectrum of education to give deeper understanding that nothing is stand alone.

Forgive me for my English. I have only a little time and effort to edit my English since sometimes I found difficulties to find right words with my little pocket dictionary in my home (not in the office cos I lost concentration then).

I also hope you understand that you can always modified the method, not only by translate my writings only - to become a fix guide books :( .

In the future, I dream that we can edit all the post and complete it into a pdf file (to be share) or a book so it can reach more people. In my country, more than 95% (my guess only) of teachers aren't used to surfing the internet.

Hmm... 99% maybe if I think seriously and consider the non-formal educators in the field (remote area) like my friend in the Taa Wana tribe in Sulawesi (Celebes).

Hope this handful of sand can help us build a world wonder one day. Good luck for your activity.

Warm regards,
Indra N Hatasura

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