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November 30, 2009

Estafet Run

Estafet Run
-(Nature Game)-

This is a nature game designed for children, or for grown up who still love fun game and needs sweat. You can play this nature game outdoor or indoor, while modify it to explain many topics (biodiversity, many type of minerals, waste management, etc)

The purpose of the game is to introduce many kind of plant species regarding character of its leaves.

- A lot of leaves (from 3-5 species). If you don't have leaves you can replace it by seeds, stones or rocks
- Some containers (multiply the number of plant species with number of existing groups, so you got the number needed)
- group(s) of children

First divide children into groups. If you have only some children, lets play with time limited game (single competition).

Divide a groups into player number 1, 2, 3 and so on. Number 1 is as picker. And the last number will be as filter. The other player must be placed at some point (a post). The range of every post must be managed according to participants stamina.

The rule are simple :
1. First everybody must be ready in their post (just imagine estafet run)
2. Place a bucket full with leaves in start line.
3. Picker will pick the leaves, give it to player number 2. Player number 2 give it to player number 3 and so on.
4. Filter (the last kid) will put the leaves in the basket. What he/she must do is to collect same kind of leaves (species) in one basket, while use other basket for another species.
5. The winner is the group who collect more leaves.

Modification :

- To teach children about value, you can give different points for every leaves species. You can relate it with economic value of the leaves or give more endangered species higher point, or just play with colorhig (some color are higher than others).
- If you play with rule number one, change also the range for buckets. Higher value must be placed in more far buckets.
- Play with minerals, seeds, or with garbage (to teach children about organic, anorganic waste), etc

- Divide participants into fair composition.
- Use fallen leaves. It's better rather than the fresh one.
- After the game, you better discuss about the topic immedietly. Show them picture, video, or tell them a story. Use the object (leaves, etc) and make them touch and feel the object.

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