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October 20, 2009

Who Will Talk Then ?

Who Will Talk Then ?
-(Facilitation Technique)-

Do you often face a situation that there is no one wants to talk after a presentation ? Sometimes it also happened to me :) . Yeah, after we present something, movie presentation, lecture, tell a story, no one raise their hand because they are to shy to ask a question (this situation generally happened in new group meeting; or maybe because my presentation too boring ^^ ?).

Well I have a secret,and I want to share it with you... how to make a simple game that always work, to make people give their opinion / ask question to our presentation (teacher, you can use this technique to pick kids randomly - and to bring excitement while learning).

Basicly, I assumed the kids / participants are just to shy to ask or to answer the questions, or to give their opinion. So I use to pick a kid from groups with asking them :
- Who have the longest hair in the group?
- Who have the curliest hair in the group?
- Who have the biggest shoe size in the group?
- Who have the blackest skin in the group?
- Who have the longest home range from this place?
- Who have the most dogs in the group?

Anybody who say : that's me will present, answer or ask the question you tell before. Well, a kind of surprising question that everybody wait, so everybody will focus while have fun after know what happened to the first group...

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  1. that's a very good idea, I'm one of the shy in a group LOL! would you like to x-link w/ me in my two sites? and visit me and leave a message if you like thanks

  2. Hello Josie, I'm glad that the idea can help u ^^ . For the link exchange, sure why not - I like your Pinoy recipe - hope that always can make me remember how delicious the lechon manok is - hehehe... deliciouzzzz with San Miguel beer...

  3. it's a great idea.. and really work..
    thanks for this idea..
    sita =D



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