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October 21, 2009

Feed the Plant

Feed the Plant
-(Nature Experiment)-

Animal, human eat vegetables... but how the plant eat? Can we see the process?

Parsley, glass, water, food dye

Cut the parsley, put it into a glass of water. Use 3 glasses of water in this activity (one as control, two for the experiment). Use food dye to coloring the water. A tea spoonful of dye will be enough.

And let our experiement works. Wait until 1 day to see what happened to our plant. The color of the plant will change after some times.

Point to discuss:
- How the plant absorb water (also contain mineral in it) and then use it as material to produce energy, food and more.
- Explain how important is water in material transportation for the plant
- What happened if agriculture use to much pesticide?
- Food health for human, organic farming and how to keep balance between human activity and nature conservation

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