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October 17, 2009

Bentengan / Cingbenteng

Bentengan / Cingbenteng
-(Traditional Game)-

Bentengan or cingbenteng is a traditional game from Indonesia. I found some similarity and modification when I check "capture the flag" game, and some other game in Asia country. Bentengan means base, and cingbenteng (Sundanese words) means base game.

Participants are divided into two teams with equal number of team members. The object of the game is for one team to try & capture the base of the other by reaching the other's home base first & tagging a pre-decided item (e.g., a tree trunk, a rock, etc) symbolizing the opposite team - without getting tagged by the defending members of the opposite team.

The base will function as a power charger. Participants who tag their base earlier is lose from an opponent who tag their own base later (if they catch each other), and it works for all participants. To get more power, then he/she has to get back to their base to re-charge the power

A member of an opposing team who go first can be chased & tagged by the member of other team who go after his/her. If the attacker gets tagged before he/she manages to get back to his/her home base, he/she becomes a prisoner (POW) of the opposite team. He/she can be rescued by his/her teammates if one of his/her teammates manage to get close to the base & tag the POW without getting tagged himself/herself by the guard or one of the defenders in the opposing team.

POW place is about 3-5 meters from the base. We can mark the POW place by placing stone, tree trunk, or else. If there are more than one prisoner, they do hand in hand from the POW point, to make the line longer, make some distances from the enemy base. In this line form, if one prisoner rescued, so the other will be free.

The game ends when a member of an opposing team manages to tag the symbol of the other team or when all the members of one team are captured by the other leaving their homebase free for the opposite team to attack and capture.

What you can discuss and relate it into issues:
- animal topics - hunting and preying. Relate the team work with animal (like wolf, hyena, wild dog) team work. Which one is more effective : individual or team hunting ? After discussion, start to tell them how important is to have kind of hunter / top predator in environment, to maintain nature balance...
- or maybe you got better ideas ? I think you also can relate it with social hierarchy in animal kingdom ^^ ... goodluck then !

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