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October 23, 2009

Step of Knowledge

Step of Knowledge
-(More ESD Activities, Facilitation Technique)-

This is an activity to re-check children knowledges after a presentation or a lecture. Many of us hate a formal test because it raise our tension, so why don't we make a fun one ?

A bunch of participants (children are acceptable ^_^)

What we will do are by make a start and finish point for everybody who wants to participate in this game. Two lines or rocks are acceptable.

Then you must make some questions (number of questions are depend on how far is the distance between start and finish point). You also may consider the step range for every children.

For example, this is my activity (you may change it according the situation happened in your class)
1. Make a question. If the answer is right/acceptable, the kids who answer can step forward (he/she can make a big step - it is also a sport game ^^)
2. If the answer is wrong, the kid has to squat and stay still
3. More questions. If the answer is right, from last position the kids have to jump forward and make a stand up position again (yeah, so it's more difficult for somebody who answer fault answer before cos he/she isn't in best position - but he/she still can make a jump and stand up again - and now his/her position is become normal again
4. You will see a race here. The winner will be the first one who reach finish line. Maybe as a gift, you can give permission to come home early; or as gift to other kids (as bonus, so the other kids can ask the winner to help them; you can arrange another rules for that)

Some modification:
- Use "face backward" rather than squat
- Use winner answer (ask the audience) as bonus point (e.q. for everybody who has cross half range, for everybody who answer correctly one special questions, for every correct 3 questions - you can modify it according the situation happened)
- Make a non linear circuit. You can use tree, turn point, etc so children will not get bored

Ok, that's it. You can also give special offer, such as give an apple for the first two kids who reach some range, or a consequence : to write poems for children who didn't reach the finish line...

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