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November 3, 2009

Robot-Robotan or Balantrok

Robot-Robotan or "Balantrok"
-(Traditional Game, Nature Game)-

Robot-robotan or "Balantrok" is a traditional game in my place (West Java). But I think many variation of this game also being played by children all around the world. This is a fun activity to develop children creativity, and it also teach children to re-use and to re-cycle.

For this game we need 2 milk/biscuit can (larger is better) or 2 coconut shell (cut the shell into two, bigger is better), a small diameter of plastic rope (or you can use another rope as replacement), nail.

Make two hole in each can. The range between each hole is about 10 cm. If you choose coconut shell you can make only one hole.

Then tie a rope in both hole. You maybe need about 2 meters rope for each can (it will become 1 meter length after you divide it into both hole). For coconut shell, you need 1-1,3 meter rope. Place your feet in each can, and use your hand to control the rope, so you can step easily.

And now you can start the game. Play a competition game between children at the same age. This game is better if we can use used can / rope or get the stuff from nature e.q. rope from banyan tree hanging root.

Modification :
- Playing soccer with robot-robotan
- Playing run competition with robot-robotan
- Playing adventure / treasure hunting with robot-robotan

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