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August 16, 2009

Games to Learn Languages and Environment

Games to Learn Languages and Environment
-(More ESD Activities, Language Game)-

I suggest this activity to support children to learn about language in interesting way. As this site is an environmental friendly, then I connect language and environment issues in one activity (well, at least one of them)...

You have some choice : you can learn local language or English with this kind of activity


- Translate an environment related song, and try to sing it in local language. You need to change some words to keep the melody fit.
- For an expert, they should compose a song with local language and relate it with environment issues


- Play the game as usual, but change the number pronounce into local language / English. In my country - a card game called "Tepuk Nyamuk" or hit the mosquito is very popular. The main idea is to learn about number

- Divide children into groups. Give a time to the kids to collect some objects. Then after 5 to 10 minutes, everyone comeback and sit in circle. Try to name the objects in local language / English. The winner is the groups who collect as many objects and can name the objects in the right writing / spelling

In the kitchen, try to cook something, but please say every ingredients in local language / English.

Tie a handkerchief to make a blindfold for a kid. Put some object about 10-15 meter, far from them. Then after that, another kid give some instruction in local language / English so their friend can found the object - with his / her eyes closed

I have a Rp 5.500 (about 1/2 USD) small dictionary and it help me a lot (it also help me write this modules). Lets assume that we have an English dictionary. Play with page number and line number.
A kids choose 139 and 3 it means we open page number 139 and then we read line number 3 : (in my book it is) MALE. So I ask the children what is the mean of the words in my national language (=laki-laki, pria), and then translate it into local language (=jajaka in Sundanese).Then another kids can choose another 2 number..., and then another kids...

I dedicate this module for Sita Rani,my friend and all teachers in RMI alternative school in Cimande - Bogor. Good luck, Sis !

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