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August 15, 2009

Traditional Beverages Competition

Traditional Beverages Competition
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I got this inspiration when I read a magazine in an ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) forum, a couple days ago. It is a magazine published by PPLH Seloliman and in the last page I found they give a recipe to make a kind of traditional Javanese beverage, wedang jahe.

Then I wonder, wow - we can make such an activity to become more ESD like and everybody can do this activity easily in their biology, art, or social class. With some add here and here we can also make it in language class.

This is my suggestion for this activity, I called it : traditional beverage competition

Many kind of spice-at least it will be ginger, cinnamon, greater galingale, tea, coffee, etc ; sugar, honey, milk, etc

First, children should seek spice information from books or from the web. They should found information about the use of this spice in health issues. Lets make them learn biology...

And make a competition between groups or personal - who can make a better taste of traditional beverage, and use as many ingredients. Don't stick with my suggestion to make only a Javanese traditional beverage. We can make other traditional beverages : Korean, Balinese , or Indian beverages.

Hints : support kids to make an unique, tasteful and rich in ingredients so they can win this competition. The kids also had to explain ingredient use in health issues, related with plant biology components ; or try to explain social / culture issues, like
- local / national beverage culture
- economic value in this industry

We may also support the kids and relate it to economic issues by make an enterpreneur activity. Sell some cup of traditional drink, or pack the ingredients in nice package will be good.

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