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August 16, 2009

ESD Cooking Class

ESD Cooking Class
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Yesterday, I found an interesting book in my shelves. This book, writen by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, tell a story about Toto Chan - a little girl that learn in a different kind of school; a wonderful school that allow kids to do creativity and in my opinion a kind of ideal school we always dream about.

(well, what you are waiting for - buy or rent the book quickly : A little Girl in the Window).

There's a chapter where a great but simple ideas being implemented to make children eat vegetables. It also make all children happy. This activity called "food from the sea and the land" - it give children a chalange, how they can bring and eat a lunch that consist both of them. Parents are happy teir kids eat vehetables, children are happy to play this game, and everything going to the right direction.

Well, lets start our local ideas. The idea basicly a modification from that books:
- Divide children into groups
- Choose some unique vegetables that came from some district (I mean every district generaly have a special kind of unique vegetables produced, right? Example : West Java-oncom hitam, West Sumatra-hot chili, Papua-sagu). Write the district name in papers.
- Every groups has to choose one piece of paper randomly
- Tell them that they have to cook a food by using that vegetables
- You may help them to find the recipe in the net (well, or just cook with only one kind of vegetables and make some variants!)

What you need to discuss (while eating) are :
- Relation between agriculture and cultural factors for the foods
- Vitamin and mineral for the vegetable, and use for health

If your class is bussy, just make the food in home. Bring it to the class and share the informations. 10 minutes are acceptable, don't you agree with that ? (and the food will always make children happy, right?)

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