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August 17, 2009

Teachers are Everywhere

Teachers are Everywhere
-(Guiding Notes)-

The kids in the school learn from their teachers.

In some forum, the teachers ask me : I'm a teacher, where I must learn from? Is it from another teachers? Many of them are bussy, they have the same problem with me? Or you mean that I must learn from the kids (with a grin) ?

You know that the first answer are correct, but don't you think the second answer also right?

Yes, that's right. We also must learn from children. It is mean that we learn to tolerance and study their behaviour, and in real meaning that we also observe what is interesting for them, see and feel their games and develop new method according their needs.

If you don't play, and just watching behind your desk, your spirit became weaker. It's not just develop a game, or writing a books - we must being a kids and learn from their point of view. Play and be involved in kids activity.

So a kid can become teacher too, don't you agree with that? (In deeper perception, nature is a teacher - so everything, including a kid is a teacher).

I believe that a kid can become a great teacher too, and if you don't mind I will say, please don't wait for another (older) teacher to tell you what you must do. The kids also can teach us everything, we just have to lower our ego and being sensitive.

If you are a teacher, facilitator, Writing a book and develop education modules doesn't mean anything unless you feel it from the other side. I remind you once more : play and do activity with the kids and I believe we will not grow old.

One more time : play with the kids, not only from your desk \^_^/

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