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July 13, 2009

Nature Color 2

Nature Color 2
-(Nature Game, Improve Listening and Observation)-

The idea is to collect something from environment that can describe color gradation from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, to purple. This rainbow color is just for example: the idea is not to stick just for this rainbow color, let the kid decide what is beautiful for them.

They things they collected must be a wood, rock, sand, leaves, seed, flower or something natural (not plastic or other artificial things).

Read "Nature Color game" in this site and you will more understand how it work.

Hard paper, glue or double sided tape

In this activity, we can bring the children to the garden or outdoor environment. Give them 30 minutes to one hour to collect things and arrange it to show color gradation.

- Don't stay in basic rules, just to fill box with rainbow color. I think the box in the paper is not necessary at all. I only show you because it make you easier to imagine. It is good to see there are pale brown, oak brown, light brown, dark brown, chocolate brown and more...
- Or you can make a topic : like one group collecting red and green, and other group collecting grey and purple things.

- Discuss about the things they foung, like seeds and tree biology, geology (if they found sand and rocks), economy (if they found some plant/fruit that being use to be a natural color for some handicraft)
- Talk about how they should pay more attention to the nature if they want to become an artist, because they can get a lot of inspiration from the nature ^^

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