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July 12, 2009

Don't Stick with All Writings

Don't Stick with All Writings

-(Guiding Notes)-

Teacher and facilitator, we will met with this warning sentence in some of the module and I mean it.

Use modification with all your imagination. You always can talk ecology, biology, social science while using the nature game and experiment module. Try different side and you also can talk about mineralogy, economy, local language, English, art, history and do a character and team building for the children.

This is an example how it can be done:
> GUESS THE PEANUT NUMBER. Replace the peanut with small stone and rock and then we can talk about mineralogy, or talk the order (open, guess,...) in local language / English while playing and we can learn about language
> STAR TREK GAME 2: MICRO SEEDS COLLECTOR. Use this game to learn how to draw a simple map, and we can learn how to read a more complicated map
> MESSAGE IN A ROW. Use this game to learn about communication, that can change and going to be fault in some situation. Use this game to explain how as a team they depend on each other, and how to make the communication process more effective and eficient (use of note, cut the long chain process and more)
> RAFT AND RIVER. Use this method to discuss more about hydrology (current, river bank,...) or economy (fish farm, ecotourism, eco-education and other ideas)
> And more, haven't you see how we can make our teaching method more colorful?

We also can play a same game with different topics. Do not hesitate to change the rules or to modify the game into different kind of game. I always do that in the field / class and finally we can have more than one variation for the game and the wild randomization also can attract the children to come learning more and more...

Note : for smaller kids, we suggest to do the activity in pattern. We don't recommend major change / modification in rules or topics in game or experiments. A fix rules or experiments is easier to follow and understand.

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