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July 14, 2009

Draw and Stick the Interview

Draw and Stick the Interview

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We have played this activity in July 09 when we facilitate some teenager from TOTAL E&P INDONESIE, when we held a Green Camp for their family.

First, we divide participants into a group consist 4-6 teens. We facilitate them to make a discussion with the villager. Each group had different topics, that is health, culture, education, economic and environment issues.

We told that although they have different issues, they may ask anything, because a lot of things are related and the info should help them make a better understanding about the situation.

We gave them this question:
1. What is the situation there? Is there any problem?
2. Which people / stakeholder is involved in this situation?
3. If the situation is not ideal, can you give us the ideal situation?
4. What is the reflection / insight for yourself regarding this situation?
5. Is there anything that you can do to make this situation better?

Notes: this questions are replaceable. We gave this key question only to help them understand better. The use of this question is not in the interview process, but in presentation activity.

After that we split into groups and for some couple hours the kids stay with villagers.

The presentation needs a large paper with some glue, scissor, decoration paper, spidol, or crayon.

The rules are simple: only one kids in a group can draw, write or stick something in large paper while their friend only can watch the working one. After 1 or 2 minutes we may blow the whistle and number 2 will replace number 1 draw, write a poem, stick leaves or anything that can describe the situation they catch from the interview / discussion.

After the whistle blow, number 2 is replaced by number 3 and so on. Back to number 1 again after final number.

- You also can make number 3 and 4 go together with special rules (modification). The order is like this : After next whistle, 2 kids will go together.
- In final minutes, lets make them stand together... "after next whistle, all do the draw..."

You will be amazed how good their presentation will be. Still first they must describe their writing, drawing, poems, etc and we can use the key qestioner to help them explain better about the situation, their feel and their ideas to the people.

Well, social analysis topics can be fun and colorful too, right?

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