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July 1, 2009

Star Trek Game 2: Micro Seed Collector

Star Trek Game Edition 2 :
Micro Seed Collector

-(Nature Game)-

"OK Lt Data, it's time to us to go to the planet. The Federation request us to collect some rare seeds in this planet. Because its small size, we need to be very carefull and look at for it with full attention !"

- About 10x20 cm hard paper. Put some glue or two sided tape on it. Children will use this hard paper to stick some seeds on it
- A map for the journey

2 kids will be a partner on this adventure. They will be Lt. Data and First Officer William Riker. After Enterprise send them to the planet, they must follow a route from the map. In this journey they must collect as many seed they can afford in this time limited journey

- Collect only small size seeds. We don't count a seed bigger than 2 cm length
- Time limited journey. Everybody who doesn't come in time is failed. I think 1 hour is acceptable for this game?
- The winner is they who found the most kind of species (species)

- Don't forget to draw a map for the kids
- Kind of small seeds they can get (example only): paddy, grass, coffee, carrot, many wild flower seeds, etc
- In the end, don't forget to ask kind of seeds they bring, so then you can discuss more about environment issues

- Learning about scientist activity, aware and attention
- Species diversity, adaptation to environment and survival tactics for the plant (reproduction issues)

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