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July 2, 2009

Tiny Sea Craeture
-(Nature Experiments)-

This time I will explain shortly. When I'm still a student and in a try to finish my green turtle research, there was a time when I get bored because nobody left in my research station. Electricity will be on, only after 18.00 and my only friend beside my local friend Mr. Endang is a radio that only can catch AM frequency.

I'm spending my time reading books, old magazine and come to the beach, collecting sea shells, looking for seaweed and more.

First time, the beach, although we see some fish and some living creature there, looks empty. Then accidentally, because I want to keep a seaweed in my artificial habitat, I collect some seaweed, sea grass and some dead corals into my box (fill with sea water).

Then in 5 minutes, amazing thing happened, and I know I will never see the sea in same side. Hundred of tiny sea creature begin to show after 5 minutes and more, after 10 minutes. Little crab, shrimp, some snails, worm, and hundred of sea creatures begin to arise and full my box with life...

So, if you want to see a sea creature, you may also bring a jar of glass (or just bring a glass). Collect some seaweed, dead coral and put it in your glass. Look closely. After 5 to 10 minutes you will see that biodiversity took a very wide range. Hope you will be an artist, a teacher, a writer, an engineer that love your environment ^^

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