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June 29, 2009

Two Little Bear Dancing

Two Littlle Bear Dancing
-(Nature Game, Ice Breaker, Grouping, )-

This is a fun game, an energizing game - make me sweat a lot too. I modified this game to become more "nature game" from a game call "Pancoran Statue" , an energizing management skill training game (I got it from my friend M. Yasin in RMI).

To make it become more "natural", I choose to change the orders. This is a simply refreshing game and when I try to did it, children and adults always love it. It become my favorite game too.

Nothing, about 20 people or more

First, make a circle from people. Tell them to :
1. Make a solo when the teacher say "CHICKEN". They have to mimic a chicken with its sound : pek - pek - pek
2. When the teacher say "DANCING BEAR", they have to dance in two, mimic a dancing bear with its sound : na - na - na - na

3. When the teacher say "FLYING BEE", they have to make a tiny circle, in three with its sound : bzzzz - bzzzz - bzzzz. Don't forget, they have to "fly" in circle
4. When the teacher say "FLOWER", they have to make a flower formation in four. The children will hand in hand together. When the flower blossom, they will say "BLOSSOM". When the flower is in KUNCUP, they will say "KUNCUP" - it's a kind of open and close formation, like a flower blossoming.
5. When the teacher say "T", they must make a T letter in five man formation.

For the first 1-2 minutes, they will begin to train the move and the formation. After 3 minutes, you can begin the game. Everybody who is being kicked out from the game are they who is to slow to build the formation (means that in this game, speed is important).

The order can be this way:
First round : DANCING BEAR
Third round : CHICKEN
Fifth Round : FLYING BEE
Seventh round : CHICKEN
Eight round : BLOSSOM
Ninth round : CHICKEN
Tenth round : T
You go on, as long as possible... ^^

- Use order CHICKEN (solo) to divide team after some formation to distract them
- If the circle is broken (to many children play in the same area), please rebuild the circle again
- It is management game about change-happened around us, and how people must be ready for any change happened, but for a nature game, we also can discuss something like : - a topic related with an order (like : OK - now we will discuss about bee...); or who can tell me about chicken?
- You go on... I think your ideas are unlimited...

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