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June 27, 2009

Guess the Peanut Number!

Guess the Peanut Number!
-(Nature Game)-

It is a simple game that we can play with 2 to 5 children. This game is good for increasing children imagination and to develop right and left brain. They need to use imagination, calculation and feel to win this game

Some peanuts (or another kind of seed in a same size)
-If we play in 5, maybe we need about 100 peanuts
Some bigger size of seed (for example, walnut)
-If we play in 5, maybe we need about 15 walnut

First, make a circle from 5 children. Divide peanuts and walnut into same number. If you play this game in 20 or 50, just make about 4 to 10 groups.

So, everybody will get about 20 peanuts and 3 walnut.

Then you say that we will need to practice. Everybody will hide peanuts in one or two of their hands, and after that everybody will show their hand(s) closed. And than everybody must guess the total number of peanuts in all hands.

The one who guess correctly will get all peanuts in everybody hands. If two kids guess the same number and win, their peanuts wil be divided by two.

Another rules:
- All empty hand(s) is forbidden, but it's OK to show one hand empty and the other is fill by some peanuts
- Use walnut to fill the hand and it will looks bigger (and the your friend will guess a big number)
- Hide all your peanuts in a closed bag or box, so nobody know your "ammunitions" number
- We can play time limit game, or a competition between groups if there are a lot of groups here

Relate it with environment issues
- Why this seed is different in size (peanut vs walnut)? And then you can talk about evolution, adaptation, species, even genetic differentation between same species
- Economic value of this products (peanut and walnut)
- The use of peanut and walnut in cooking, use for handicraft, farming, ...
- Use of peanut in organic farming (soil enrichment with N)
- The life cycle of peanut and walnut plant
- Or you can show them pictures, many kind of peanut and walnut varian in the world and relate it with geography module about country... ^^

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