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June 25, 2009

Pick An Alphabet

Pick An Alphabet
-(Nature Game, More ESD Activities, Language Game)-

Well, I don't know if this game is a kind of nature game or not - but in my opinion if we can play this game in our garden, at least it is fair enough to call it as a nature game.

I develop this game to Ms Sita Rani in RMI. She said that she need some game to help her do teaching activity. She is a teacher for alternative school in Cimande village, and her specialization is English (and after this writing hopefuly she will help me to edit this site because my English need some works ^^)

A lot of card (you may use paper for this). About 200-300 is enough I think if we play in a small groups

First, write an alphabet in each card from A to Z as many as you can (if you are a teacher, maybe some students may help you do it). You can add more card to write A, I, U, E, O alphabets.

The game is very simple. You may use garden, wood, near a river, or in a paddy fields. A room also acceptable for this game if there are some stuff in it.

Place all card alphabet in the ground. In five or ten minutes (your decision) one or two children must pick one alphabet each time and put it in an object, until it become a word that explain the object.

A "T, R, E, E" alphabet must be put under a tree
A "S, O, I, L" alphabet must be put in the ground
A "B, O, Y" alphabet must be put under a boy... and etc

If I assume that only one kid will do this game, in my opinion he will do some sports there. After he finish with one object, he can move to another object and repeat the steps.

If we play this game with 2 to 5 kids, I think they can cooperate together, and after some alphabets are gone, they must decide another objects which don't need that missing alphabets.

We also can use this game to learn another languages (including local language). Good luck ! In bigger groups, we can make a competition between groups...

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