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June 24, 2009

Message In a Row

Message In a Row
-(Nature Game, Improve Listening and Observation, Communication)-

Message in a row is is a communication skill game, that can be modified into "a more nature game". The game is quite fun and easy to play too. I got the old version from my friend M. Yasin in RMI, and I modified it to discuss about reproduction, genetics, mutation and environment issues.

Nothing, 10 participants or more (better)

The game is simple. We must send a message from behind to the front of our group by tapping in our friend back / shoulder. No words are saying or we will get disqualified. For the front man, they will tell the message saying by do some move (we will learn the move later).

For 20 participants or more, we can make a competition between groups. Divide participants into groups of 10 people.

After children / adults make a fine row, they will face to the front. For a competition game, make a distance between groups. Then you tell them the orders (remember the move! Demonstrate the move )

3 taps : front man will do a sit up
4 taps : front man will shout "HEY !!!" loudly (to one of their opponents if this is a competition game)
5 taps : front man will stand in a chair and do salute (you also provide a chair in front of the front man)
6 taps : front man will do attack mode (like ULTRAMAN attack mode, you decide what it's like)
7 taps : front man will stand up in a chair and pose like a body building model ( ^_^)

After they repeat the order by themselves (so they will remember the move), the game will begin. First, you go to the back, tell the last man the number by writing (then you go to the front again, and in your order, let the game begin). Don't forget to tell them, there are no sound beside the clap sound.

After the first man (the man in the first row) do a move you are agree with, you ask to the group, is the message correct? Do some rounds (5 to 8 round) to look is there any change in their strategy. For the competition game, speed and correct answer will decide which group is the winner.

To relate this game to environment topics (well, beside communication we also can relate it to other topics) you can ask :
- If the process describe us about living creature reproduction (breeding, etc) and genetic's, try to relate it with mutation...
- What is mutation ?
- Try to find nature factors that can increase mutation probability
- Try to discuss evolution and mutation topics
- What is the benefit and disadvantage of the genetic code modification by human?
- You go on... try to relate it with another issues...

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