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May 14, 2009

Global Warming 2 (Sea Level)

Global Warming 2 (Sea Level)
-(Nature Experiment)-

Hello guys... this time we want to talk about global warming effect in sea level rising. This experiment, in my opinion, can be an opening activity to the children for the issue.

2 block of ice, some container, time counter / watch, a tools to measure water volume.

We can do this activity related with math, nature and social science, so the time is very flexible.

1. Calculate ice volume (with some math formula). We assume the ice is solid (even in the fact, maybe there is some empty space in the ice)
2. Put the ice in the container, and then put ONE in direct sunlight, and the other one in the sheltered place / room.
3. In 10 minutes (or 15 minutes if the ice is bigger) the children may count how much water (from the melting ice) are in the container (use the tools, like a simple liquid measurer)

We may modified this experiment with:
- Different size / shape of ice
- Different sunlight intensity (morning, day, noon)

We can discuss more with help from some question. like
- Which is melting faster? The ice in the outer place (with direct sunlight) or in the sheltered place?
- Why they melting faster? -also relate this question with global warming topic, earth temperature increase faster for some previous decade.
- What is the effect for the sea level and the land if this happened in earth?
- What can we do for stop / minimalize global warming?

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