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May 14, 2009

Global Warming 1 (Temperature Rising)

Global Warming 1 (Temperature Rising)
-(Nature Experiment)-

It is a simple nature experiment about temperature rising cause by global warming

A glass, plastic wrap / bag, rubber, thermometer.

First, fill the glass with water. Put the glass in a plastic wrap / bag. Make sure that the air can not escape freely from the plastic. For control, just fill a glass with water (control means that this glass for standard of comparison only)

shadow. The idea is toPut experiment and control outside the class. You can put it under a tree avoid direct sunlight while the temperature still in normal range.

After 1 or 2 hour, you can check the water temperature with thermometer. Which water is hotter?

Discuss this issue:
- Carbondioxide and some gas have similar role like the plastic, it will hold the heat.
- What is the effect for global warming?

In more extreme and shocking part from this activity, that will show to the kids about global warming danger effects to living thing, you can put a small fish into a warm water. When the fish die, we can warn children that global warming effects also killing living thing. For this part of activity, you may choose children older than 12. They will remember about the danger, just explain carefully about why you do that.

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