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May 23, 2009

Energy Transfer : Food Web

Energy Transfer : Food Web
-(Nature Game)-

It's a fun game, to energize participants, and after this game, you also can start a discuss about energy transfer in web chain among an-organic matter-light, plant, herbivore and carnivore. We also can make deeper discussion about animal, plant extinction if we make some related question (key question).

Only a room to play :) and a lot of kids

First, like my favorite step, make a circle from children

Then teacher pick one kid to become "An-Organic man". The teacher itself will become "Sun Man". The two will become trigger in this game.

The "Sun Man and An-organic Man" (SMAM) always play together (make more fun by holding hand together when play)

Then we make a simple game first. SMAM touch one kid and say "Jump Left" it means that the kid have to jump, and after landing, another kid on the left jump, and they will make a wave. Let's try this first.

After simple example SMAM can modified this game like:
- Touch the kid periodicly
- Touch the kid periodicly, oposite direction (left - right) so the wave will collide
- Make the proccess run faster
- Change the instuctions with "SIT" rather than "JUMP"

Make a discussion:
> Relate this game with energy transfer in food web
- Can they make a diagram what kind of food web can happened in this world (I mean, please use our imagination to explain kind of plant, animal, bacteria thing involve in this food web - say it). Make a food web contain 20 character for minimal - with alternate path (so there are some "cicle in circle" to explain more complicated relation)
>What thing happened if the energy transfer (in real life) broken ? - answer explain that the energy will not stop but "the player" maybe lost if they don't have another energy source - while another player have too much energy (you can explain about plague break also with this issue)
> Name plant or animal that are endangered because lack of energy source !

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