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May 13, 2009

Watching A Tree Grow

Watching A Tree Grow
-(Nature Experiment)-

Hello ... This time I like to share you a simple nature experiment that we can use to make children more aware about plant grow. In more advance discussion it' s not just a simple discussion. If your background is biology, you know that we also can discuss about :
- Sunlight effect for different plant species
- Which kind of light is good for plant grow (is it blue, red, yellow light?)
- Kind of fertilizer that better for the plant
- The influence of classic music for the plant :P (I like this idea, do you?)...

In basic, we just discuss about plant grow, what basic matter they need to grow. It just a simple experiment but help children to start caring greener and increase their feel to living creature.

Pot, seeds

Activity : plant a seed for each kid. Measure how long the plant will grow each 4 or 5 day. Make a notes in this kind of table:

















60 ?

Ask this question to them (it's a key to open more discussion):
- What kind of seed do you plant (is it a corn, a lettuce, a peanut or a papaya?)
- According to your oppinions, why different species have different growth rate? - talk about species diversity
- Is it also related with external factor like sunlight, disease, soil fertilizer, water, and more?
- How you can make your plant grow better?

After this experiment, to conduct a good bussines - eco enterpreneurship - in my idea, can we sell their product (well, it's good to decorate the pot first) in school bazar? I think the parents will buy their products, don't you think :) ?

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