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May 28, 2009

Nature Color

Nature Color

-(Nature Game)-

It's a game that we can played to help children know better about nature biodiversity - specially plant. It's a fun game, and everybody can play it.

Hard paper, double sided tape / glue

First, cut paper into 5x15 cm, then place double sided tape into one side of the paper. Replace the tape.

The main idea is quite simple. We can place anything (many kind of leaves, seed, some soil, small branch, humus, sand, or anything) in that paper, so we decorate the paper into interesting bookmark.

For modification, we can:
- Make nature color while we walking in the wood / garden
- Create different paper cut
- Competition to pick some kids to be winner, related with their art work

- Is there any recycle product than we can produce from nature ?
- Can we add more economic value to recycle products ?
- Do and dont't in making recycle products
- etc... you go on :)

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