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April 10, 2009

Plastic or Paper Bag?

Plastic Or Paper Bag?

-(Green Living Tips)

How about neither. Another easy thing you can do to go green is bring your own bag. Paper and plastic bags both have a negative effect on the environment.

There are over 30 billion plastic bags that end up as litter everyday where they then make it to our oceans killing birds, mammals and other animals by the millions. Plastic bags are man-made where they photodegrade instead of biodegrade. When plastics photodegrade, sunlight breaks the plastics down to smaller pieces where wild animals mistake them as food.

Paper bags may be even worse. Even though more people recycle paper bags compared to plastic bags, it takes more energy to make them and creates more waste then 2 plastic bags.

Countries like Ireland and Australia have banned or heavily taxed the use of plastic bags and the city of San Fransisco banned it altogether.

What choice will you make? Skip the question and choose your own bag. It could be hemp or cotton or even better, choose a bag made out of recycled materials. There are over 2 million plastic bags used a minute and millions of trees cut down to make paper bags. Help our environment by skipping paper and plastic. Visit for more information.

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