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April 10, 2009

Circle Census

Circle Census

-(Nature Experiment)-

This is a simple environmental activity to make children or adult realize, that many life forms ADA around us. In our bussy day, sometimes we didn't notice that they are move, eat, sleep or flying. It's all about tiny forms that construct our environment.

Needs :
Lines and stake (optional)

We may do this activity in our garden, forest, field, or even near a trash can, so it will be flexible. First we can make a cirle by holding hand together (if there are a lot of friends) or for less people, we can make a circle/square by lines. It's all up to you to make bigger or smaller circle.

Then we divide children into groups. Each of them try to recognize if there is any creatures live in his/her circle area. If there is to many participants, you can make another circle, or divide the circle with lines into smaller area. Try to look under the soil, leaves, rotten branch to see if there are some small life forms.If your inner circle is a tree, sometimes you will find more creatures likely. Don't forget to check the wood apertures also.

After that, children will notes kind and number of creatures they found. If we also calculate the large of the circle, we can find the average density of each creatures (we will learn about the practical use of mathematics too with this activity)

My suggestion, after this activity we can discuss more about:
1. Small and tiny creatures diversity, and their functions in environment
2. Different creatures in different habitat (if we do this activity in different area)
2. Tree/pond/... functions to support small life forms (what happened if a tree/pond/... is loss.
3. Try to relate this activity with much bigger case (forest degradation, property change,...) with help from an article, news or movie
4. Or just have some fun. Don't be to serious-be simply, after all we start to love the nature if we enjoy nature activity :)

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