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April 12, 2009

Animal Instinct

Animal Instinct
-(Nature Game, Facilitation Technique, Ice Breaker, Grouping)-

"Animal Instinct" is an ice breaking game that we can do to energize children or adults when we study environmental education / else. The story behind this nature game is to to tell that animals generally live in the same species groups, not other groups because they need group protection, and other related things.


First, in circle (or line) we count 1 to 5, and then we start counting the same number again until everybody got their number.

After finish counting, every children in same number stay in the same group. Name that group with animal name like chicken, bear, cat, cow and so on. Practice how the animal will sound, so it's like the cat "meooww" or the cow "moooo"

Then we use handkerchieves to make sure they can't see. Randomised their position / split the groups, and make sure that they are disoriented.

Then in your command, 1...2...3, they start to looking their animal groups by vocalize their animal sound. Be sure that nobody sounding except their animal sound, with eyes closed. The class wil be full with a lot of meooww, mooo, and roar and the games will be stop after each group had their member. The winner will be the fastest group get all their member.

For a larger groups, we can make more than 5 animal groups.

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