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May 20, 2011

Devil Number Game

Devil Number Game
-(Improve Listening and Observation, Math Game, Ice Breaker)

Whooaaa... I am writing again. This time I will give you a simple game (I got it from Mr Agus Mulyana when he manage our strategic plan before).

To play this game, at least we need about 20 people. Make a circle, and start counting, so everybody get their number. After that, tell people to remember their own number.

The rule is simple: first I will shout a number. People that have this number will shout another number, and  this game will continue until somebody is make mistake (such as too long to answer). People who makes mistake are eliminated.

There are another rules:
1). Never mention the number in your right and left side. Example: people number 5 can not shout number 4 and 6.
2). Never mention the number people already gone. It's devil number.

So the game will depend on people concentration. Re-start the number after every mistake. After some mistakes, it will be more difficult to remember the devil number.

Play the game. It's fun and people always love it :)

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