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February 14, 2011

Insight Variation
-(Personal Notes)-

Guys, I want to inform you old news - but it's really important. Do you see many category in the right side of this blog that categorize all of writings into : facilitation technique, nature game, nature game, wisdom story, energizer, ice breaker, etc?

First, I'm not a very good organizer. It's mean that sometimes I found new category that suite more rather than those old category, than I re-organize my writings. Unfortunetely, It happened only in my spare time.It's not perfect.

Second, you always can find something different, get new insight or do some modification. I believe that you can get new insight related with the condition you have in your class. It means that you sometimes can use "ICE BREAKER" game to talk about "CLIMATE CHANGE" if you can get the "KEY". What should we do is by finding the right block for the puzzle..

Good luck friends...


  1. The blog is very good!



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