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January 17, 2010

Vegetables Lover Game

Vegetables Lover Game
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Do you find difficulties to make your kids eat vegetables? Hehee - well, looks we have same problem all around the world - Here is some suggestion for you: home schooling teachers, environment facilitator, parents, or just for curious sister who want to help her brother...

And as usual, why don't we make this thing greener and environment related? Or to discuss social issues while do some shopping in the traditional market?

Kitchen, some other material (sugar, salt, etc) for cooking

First, share your information about vegetables: how important carrot, corn, cucumber, etc. Well, just try to make an interesting story about the veg (LOL). After this you can draw or write a poem for the veg they like in a paper (don't tell them that this is being a part of our plan).

Then, challenge them to make a delicious food from the veg they choose (draw, write before). They can add other material such as sugar, chocolate, salt, orange, egg, or even other veg and do some simple cook like fry or boil it, or add some ice and milk in it.

You may suggest food that is normal ^^ like omelet, or create a new fantasy food such as: banana burn rainbow carrot.

I skip the shopping thing. You also can do some shopping before and therefore your discussion will be richer (talk about price, occupation, etc).

You can use these questions after the food is ready:
- Is your food is good (hehehe)?
- Why do you think that food is different in every place / country (try to relate it with crop availability, climate, transportation, culture, appetite)?
- Why some people like one kind of food, while other hate it (try to relate it with species method to survival in this world - food choice differentiation)
- Is it good to keep food or vegetables biodiversity? (ask again: what do you think if we only provide carrot for each one of you?)
- You go on with other questions ... ^^

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