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January 14, 2010

Ingredients Detective

Ingredients Detective
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This is an activity I suggest to teachers when you feel you also can conduct such a fun activity that would last a semester. We also can put some topic such as biodiversity, biology, economic, social, language, etc. As an extra we can encourage children to talk better for their self confidence.

Question that I must ask you before we agree/not to do this activity: if you are a kid, would you happily tell me about your favorite snack, and then show me the snack in front of the class; so some of your friend (and me) oh course can taste the snack you like? If you say yes, than we can go on with this activity... ^^

What is special for this activity is that everybody can do it: with small groups, personal, in front of class, etc.

Different kind of snacks, library or internet to find information

First, we can decide how to conduct this activity - is it for 1-2 hours, or for a semester (3-5 minutes each)? We also can do it personally or by group. For instance, we can choose a kid present this activity for 3-5 minutes after class is over and it may last for one semester.

Second step for homework: tell that everybody (or groups) must choose a snack they like. Then they must choose one or two ingredients that come from nature, for example: chocolate, sugar, salt, palm oil, orange, milk, strawberry, wheat, sugar, etc.

Then give time. Let them search information about these ingredients like:
- Which place (local) produced these things?
- Can you find local language for these ingredients?
- How much is this thing in local market?
- IS there any use of these ingredients for anything else?
- Etc...

You can start then, give chances to kids, to tell the class about their favorite snack: why the like it (is this because the taste, color, shape, size, packing?). And then we may encourage children to present the story about some nature ingredients in it.

Don't forget to share the snack with others (included me of course) after presentation. Ask other children about the snack - do they like it also?

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