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September 7, 2009

What is Biogas?

What Is Biogas?
-(Shocking Nature News)-

Biogas is a mixture of carbon dioxide, methane and some other gases. It is produced by some kinds of microorganisms, usually when air or oxygen is absent. (The absence of oxygen is called “anaerobic conditions.”) Animals that eat a lot of plant material, particularly grazing animals such as cattle, produce large amounts of biogas.

The biogas is produced not by the cow or elephant, but by billions of microorganisms living in its digestive system. Biogas also develops in bogs and at the bottom of lakes, where decaying organic matter builds up under wet and anaerobic conditions.

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  1. now i know what a biogas is. excellent and very informative! :D

  2. Your welcome Ms Snappy... In my country there are some biogas that being proceed from farm and even public toilet (well, pilot project only...)

    Lets imagine that ^^ . And then we use the biogas to cook ^^



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