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August 31, 2009

The Spider Web and The Fly

The Spider Web and The Fly
-(Nature Game, More ESD Activities, Facilitation Technique, Analysis, Discussion, Enhancing Group Dynamics)-

This is a kind of more complicated game that we used to play for teenager / adult. This is a very effective game / training method to show relation between many factors in natural resources management.

Latipah Hendarti and Mia Siscawati from RMI play this game - usually in ToT / Community Organizer Training, to help participants realize, that there are many factors that influence one occurred problem. I give 9 point to this method. It help a lot, but as facilitator you must support participants with questions and information once this game is started

- A complete story about a condition in natural resource management (or you also can play this game with other topic).
- A big roll of rope
- Some meta plan papers (color paper)
- Whiteboard or large size of paper
- Glue / cello tape

Story Example:
Diah was a 15 years young girls, she lived with her mother in a village called Desa Babar Sari. Her father left the family when she was 2 - to married another women. It happened a lot in Desa Kemuning, a district where divorce number is high.

Diah stop learn in the school when she was 12 to give a chance to one of her brothers (there are 3 more kids in this family). Her brother passed away 2 years ago because nerve illness, after 5 years of un-safe diving.

Diah work help her mother to cook and process fishes. The family work to support fish industry in this local fisherman village. It is a small scale industry that provide only a little amount of reward. They, each only got Rp 6000 (about 0,6 USD) a day for their 10 hours work and this isn't enough to support the family.

The village is also not in a good situation. The health facility is poor, the school is far (10 km walk) and the transportation is bad (need a boat that only come once a week to go to nearest town).

One day, some investor came to this island. They want to buy this land to build a luxury resort. The village must be removed. The offer is poor because they want to relocate villager into deeper area, to become farmer. After a riot, some mysterious people came and burn the village, including Diah's house

After this happen, 2 months later his mother died and from now on she must take care his family. One of her younger brother now also stop school to support this family.


- One participant play as Diah (the fly), stand in the center of the circle (being played by another participants). Tie (circle) the rope into Diah.
-Ask a question to participants: according to your opinion, what things are causing this (Diah) situation ?
- If there are any opinion from participants (one man one opinion), give the roll to him/her. Tie the rope again to Diah, then. An observer notes the keyword from participant in meta plan, so the answers will being record by observer.
- Ask the questions to another participants. When they answer the question, give him/her the roll again. After some answers, the rope will looks like a web.
- And everybody can say their opinions. Repetition for answers and participants is acceptable. Notes: don't forget to encourage participants to give clear explanation about their opinion by give questions...

- After make a category for every opinion (written in meta plan); for example : economy, culture, environment, health, education, ... issues and place the meta plan papers in right groups (the participants can place his/her paper him/herself, we can begin the discussion
- I leave the discussion to you (you can facilitate by yourself)
- Say the magic words : according to you, how we can make Dinah free from this situation ? Try to discuss more... and don't forget, Dinah must say something too... do you agree with that ^^ ?

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