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August 4, 2009

A Representative Place to Learn

A Representative Place to Learn
-(Guiding Notes)-

When we start learn environmental education, we must find a representative place to learn. Generally we can start learning process in anyplace, but suitable place is better.

Like when we learn about paddy field ecosystem, we can go to a paddy field near our school. It is better than learn all material in a class, sit quietly without nothing to display.

Although the paddy field can be hot in the middle of the day, we can arrange to have a meet in the morning (so we also must consider the time when we arrived) - it is the best place to learn paddy field ecosystem because we can make a direct observation and after that, we may make the discussion wider.

We may talk about pesticide user, insects diversity, farmer culture, irigation process, and even relate some environmental problem with forest degradation.

A suitable place can attract participants to ask more and more. If you can't find any, you must bring some stuff from the place (picture, real paddy plant, seeds, mud, farmer hat, etc) to make them imagine better.

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