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August 5, 2009

Learn to Do It with Style

Learn to Do It with Style

-(Guiding Notes)-

Hello teachers, good morning...

Dear teachers, have you ever see "Patch Adams" movie? Robbie Williams starring that movie and it is a wonderful movie to watch, about a doctor with humorous style who also cure his patients with laugh and love.

I write a story from Anthonny de Mello, one of my favorite Guru to explain what I will tell you later.

A man buy a dog. It is a big size german shepherd dog.
Everyday, to make the dog always in a good shape, the man gave a food suplement, a cod oil (kind of fish oil).

Everyday the dog rebel against his owner. The man always give a spoonful of cod oil with a forcibly given method. He have to force a spoon to the dog mouth and the dog always rebel against him.

One day, accidently,the bottle of the cod oil fell to the floor. And then the dog lick the cod oil in the floor.

It's not that it doesn't like the cod oil, but it doesn't like the way the man gave it.

So, teachers. I encourage you to find a way to give the cod oil with interesting way. Be a craetive teacher and do learning process with style. Break the wall and get out of the box.

Use farmer hat when teaching about bio engineering. Bring some animals while teaching about environment. Walk to a small river when discuss water pollution. If nothing is left, start a group discussion with your key questions. Good luck !

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