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March 22, 2009

Meet the Tree

Meet The Tree
-(Nature Game)-

When we walk through a forest, or maybe a garden we see many trees around us. Sometimes they look very different one to another, and sometimes we didn't.

To make children and adult know better about tree characteristic, we can do
this game. It's a fun game, you can make contest between 2 teams.



Try to do this game in a place where there are many trees. First pick one volunteer. Use the handkerchief to make sure the kid can't see anything. And then you guide the kid - take his/her hand and walk, wandering all around the place for about 1 to 2 minutes to make the kid lost orientation.

Don't forget, all other kids have to keep quiet, because this can make first step failed.

And then pick one tree. Make sure he/she feel the root, the surface of the tree skin, and how big is the tree. Then after 1 to 2 minutes, we will be back to the group, oh course not directly walk to the group because then it will be easy for him/her to guess.

As you already know, after the kid came back to the group and open his/her eyes, he/she must guess corectly which tree he/she meet. They must guess only 1 time without came back to the tree. But after the answer, they can check the tree directly to make sure they have the right answer.

For a larger group you can pick up more than 1 volunteer, holding hands together while walking.

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  1. please share with us. It will be very helpfull for me,It is the most natural way in my opinion.all relevant.Can you explained more about this? or reference



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