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March 22, 2009

A Food Song of Life

A Food Song For Life

-(Nature Game)-

To make sure the children or adults understand about food chain - that everything in our environment has relation, we can play "A Food Song of Life". It's a simple game that show children how the nature work in a simple food chain.


A large group of children

When we play this game, we divide number of children into about 50% plants (like grass), 25% low level animal (like cricket), 12% high level animal (like frog), 6% top predator (like snake). The rest of them can play role as the disease.

Every children has to try to adopt the animal sound they played (like frog, they may learn how to sound like a frog). So there's a little practical activity before we go to the next step. For a plant, they don't need to speak. They can imitate the grass move when the wind blow.

After practice, children then gathering randomly in a big circle.

Everybody must know that there's relationship between grass-cricket-frog-snake in the food chain. Then in circle we played a kid song, but in animal sound - example; snake with hishhhh style :) . So it will be an animal mumble song.The rule is when the teachers said "STOP" everybody (except grass) has to grab the hand of a 2 low level creatures below them. Like snakes, they have to catch 2 frog. The frog, they have to catch 2 crickets. and so on. Every player who can't fulfill this rule is being released from the game.

I forget to tell, that the kid who played disease also eliminate every person they grab, no matter what they are.

Repeat the game and after a couple minutes the game will be over (tips for grown up activity: you can make it more complicated by changing the percentage of the creatures, number of food they consume, or even add a growth number so there's some reproduction each session).

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