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November 19, 2010

Clam Opener

Clam Opener
-(Encourage Children, Communication, Trust Building, Facilitation Technique)-

:) yes, I use "Clam Opener" term to describe the game we play in the night before sleep. The purpose of this game is to make children tell their story, opinion, experience, feeling in their daily life, to help us understand better about our kids. This activity also increase their writing ability and develop their imagination.

If you have same problem with us: come home late, limited time to communicate, or if your children have unique character to express their feeling, you should try this method.

We can play this game in the night, before sleep, or if you come home late everyday, at least you can play this game in the holiday. It only cost 15-30 minutes, and after that you can discuss more (I used to use before sleep time in the bed, to make conversation with them, and I think it's suite for you too ^_^).

Charmanta loves this game
Paper, pen, 2 or more person

1. Find issues that is important (such as social relation with friends, teachers; feeling; attitude, etc)
2. Try to build and arrange questions that have direct / non-direct relation with that issues.
3. Ask the questions, tell them to write in the paper, and let them speak their answer after that.
4. Let somebody answer the questions too, so it just like a quiz that everybody participate.

This is an example to know social relation between your child and her/his friends:
1. What is your favorite food?
2. McD, Kentucky fried chicken, Gaya Tunggal Noodles, Klenger Burger. Which one do you choose as place to eat for dinner?
3. What is your favorite pet?
4. If you have money, where will you go with your family?What activity will be held?
5. Mention 3 names of your best friend.
6. Why do you pick them as your best friend?
7. Do you believe extra terestrial life? Why?
8. Honest, discipline, kind, funny, wise, friendly. Pick two character that can describe yourself? Why?
9. Writer, doctor, pilot, farmer, breeder, police, secretary. Pick two job that you love most? Why?
10. What is your favorite color?
11. Is there any friend that you don't like in the school? Why you don't like her/him/
12. You saw a kid cheating during an exam. What will you do then: tell the teacher, pretend that you don't see anything, make a talk with the student, or what?
13. Tell me about your dream when you grow older...
14. Who is your favorite teacher in the school? Why?
15. Animation character that describe you better: Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald Duck, Scrooge, Pluto, Sponge Bob, Patrick, etc. Why you choose them?

- Modify your own questions. Mix fun questions with "main issue" so you can create fun atmosphere
- You can play this game with a whole family too, and everybody can create his/her own question too
- Find any interesting fact? Use "before sleep" time to share and discuss with your kid. Hear more, rather than talk more.
- Modify this method for grown up. You can build trust among each other with this activity 

Do this activity again and again in comfortable condition. Maybe you will find that after this your kid will ask for this Clam Opener game for one more time, just like Charmanta... :)

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